Clouds Amuse Me   1 comment

A challenge came my way today to write a poem about clouds. This is what came out. I tried to post it to Facebook, but FB lost the formatting, so I’m putting it here instead.


Clouds Amuse Me

Clouds amuse me.

They take so many shapes.

Some look like dragons.

Some look like apes.

Some of them just sit there,

The same spot in the sky.

Some move like arrows

And just go zipping by.

Clouds can make me gloomy.

The black ones make me sad,

But when they’re playing cloud charades,

They always make me glad.

–Ken St. Andre

November 16, 2009

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One response to “Clouds Amuse Me

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  1. Every one of our moods is reflected in the skies and its ever-changing cloud collage – or perhaps it is the other way – every mood that the sky assumes is reflected in us!

    Ram Ramakrishnan

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