The Fourth Alignment   2 comments

 Last Saturday was a busy day for me–an expensive day, but a good day. It started with me going to Uhaul and renting a pickup truck, The truck was a beauty, and a pure pleasure to drive–just being in it took me back mentally 40 years to the days when I drove light trucks and did delivery work. I drove to Avondale, picked up an exercise machine, took it home, turned the truck back in. It cost me about $70, but I got an exercise machine, and I’m starting to work out. (very, very lightly–I am so horribly out of shape.) You know how some people like to run, or work out? Well, I like to drive, especially in a really nice vehicle. That Uhaul truck was fine–had less than 5000 miles on it.

But, I’m not talking about wheel alignment–just trying to give you some idea of how busy my day was.

I have been talking to a man named Richard Porter for a couple months now. Richard is a computer security expert, and a Tunnels and Trolls fan. About 11 a.m. he came over to see me. We had computer issues to explore. He brought his wife, Wendy, and beautiful daughter, Kate. We did lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen–yum–that’s upscale for me, downscale for him. The food is good. Thank you, Richard, for buying me lunch.

After lunch, we were talking about how Trollhalla ( needs a wizard to help manage the site. He volunteered. Trollhalla is a site that provides services to its members, and it’s full of links and databases that need constant supervision. I was stressing the fact that any wizard had to be totally reliable. Wendy supported her husband by saying he was definitely Lawful Good. (We’re all gamers–we know what that means.) That started a mini-discussion about what alignments the rest of us fell into. Richard tried to claim that Wendy was Chaotic Good, but she denied it.

She asserted that her alignment was Female. It seemed to fit. We (and that’s the royal We) have encountered characters of that alignment before. The normal adjectives do not seem to apply to the Female Alignment. Good, Neutral, Evil–most Females pass through all those phases every day.

The most plausible modifier for the Female alignment seems to be Variable. Other qualifiers that could be applied: Moody, Loving, Beautiful, Witchy, Snarky–in fact the list is as infinite as the behavior of the female of the species.

Female is, of course, the most dangerous alignment of all.

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2 responses to “The Fourth Alignment

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  1. The female alignment “Spicy Evil.”

    I think one of the reasons that I like being a paramedic is the driving. Same thing in the Army. My step-father once chided me that all I ever wanted to do was be known for what I had driven and where I had driven to.

  2. LOL. Answer guilty to charge, character sheet still reads Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral

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