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There is not very much entertainment to report on this week.  Today I read a copy of Tangent: Superman’s Reign–it’s about half a graphic novel featuring a crossover between Tangent Earth and DC Earth superheroes.  Many years ago DC had a brief fling of publishing an alternate set of superheroes and villains–same names, different appearance and origins.  Thus, the Flash is neither Barry Allen nor Wally West, it’s Lia Nelson, and she’s hot.  That series of books went over like a lead balloon and vanished in less than a year, but nothing is ever really dead in comics.  Somehow, the latest multi-universal crises has connected our mainstream heroes with their forgotten heroes.  The story is weak, rushed, and unlikely in the extreme, but it is a  good excuse to redraw all the old Tangent characters again.

I have finished THE RETURN OF THE BLACK COMPANY.  The second book SHE IS THE DARKNESS leaves our heroes in a very bad place, magically imprisoned for eternity.  Of course I expect them to get out of that by the time WATER SLEEPS gets started.  That reminds me–I should look up the last two Black Company books and see if they’re available here at the library.  I don’t have to wait for Tor Books to send me freebies.

I have finished reading ENEMIES & ALLIES by Kevin J. Anderson.  This is a tale of Superman, Batman, and Lex Luthor, set in 1958.  It seems strange to see Anderson writing such a book.  Superman and Batman are still popular, but who wants to read about their adventures in the 50s at the beginning of their careers.  D.C. has completely changed the universe at least 3 times since them.  Also, Anderson has chosen to write the whole book at about the 6th grade reading level, but it was published as an adult novel.  It wasn’t very adult at all.  It wasn’t a bad story.  Anderson is a terrific writer, but I have to wonder what they were thinking, or who they were writing for.

WotC has released a new expansion set for Magic ™ called Zendikar.  On Friday my son and I each bought an expansion deck for it and tried them out.  He got the Vampires, and I got some blue/green Sphynx deck.  Needless to say, the Vampires just eat me up.  With a few additions and changes he has made it into a very good deck.  He has a 2 card combination that is an automatic win.  You have to pray you have a counterspell in your hand when the first of those two cards comes out–if you don’t, you lose.  I’ve built a deck with plenty of counterspells, but I’m still losing.

Sunday, James and I went to see Woody Harrelson’s new movie ZOMBIELAND.  The movie is played for laughs, and it succeeds at that.  It’s also a coming-of-age for a teenage nerd movie.  Teenage nerds are easy to laugh at and with–so many of us went through that stage ourselves that we identify with the poor shmoe.  Bill Murray has a terrific cameo appearance as himself.  Best part of the movie is the 32 Rules for Survival in Zombieland.  Number 1: cardio–you had better be able to run when there are zombies around.  Number 2: stay out of bathrooms–too easy to be trapped in there.  Rule 3: get a gun, learn how to use it.  Rule 32: Enjoy the Little Things.  All 32 rules are not given, so you can make up a few of your own.  My rule: Always carry an axe.  I have to say, I think ZOMBIELAND is the best zombie move I’ve ever seen.  NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD was the scariest.  SHAWN OF THE DEAD was the campiest.  This is the funniest.  It could have been a better movie if the film makers didn’t try so hard to make you throw up between laughs.

I’m looking forward to going off to RinCon in Tucson this weekend, selling some T & T and maybe playing a few games.


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  1. 6th grade reading level was every book by KJA I’ve read. Maybe it’s his style.

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