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A cool thing just happened.  I work at a library, and cool things happen at libraries all the time, so I shouldn’t be surprised, and I’m not, but I am pleased.  People often donate books and other media items–cds, dvds, magazines, videotapes, and even games to the library.  Somebody donated Trivial Pursuit DVD Saturday Night Live Edition board game to the library.  And inside the box are the playing pieces–8 members of the SNL cast as mini-plastic figurines.  I don’t even recognize them all–the likenesses aren’t very good, but I do recognize John Belushi’s samurai and Beldar the Conehead and the Land Shark.  The schoolgirl with glasses has got to be Gilda Radnor.  The guy in the Superman pose might be Chevy Chase.  I very seldom watched SNL, but I remember it fondly.  It was the very best reason for staying up late on Saturday night. 

That isn’t the only cool thing that has happened this week.  Thursday night I went to a sneak preview of the movie Surrogates and took my son James along. Father/Son bonding. Very cool.  Enjoyed the movie too.  Saw a friend there and had a fine long conversation with him.  I haven’t been able to go to a sneak preview for years, although the occasional ticket has been available.  It was just plain fun.

Thursday afternoon I came  home to find my dungeon design masterpiece–Gristlegrim–the random card dungeon that is never the same–had arrived from publisher Jim Shipman.  If you are an author who has seen your work in print, then you must know what a joy it is to see something of yours finally manifested in a finished product, especially if it’s something you’re really proud of.  If you’ve never  had this pleasure, all I can say is that I’m sorry for you, and hope someday you can experience it. 

Wednesday I picked up the Conan the Cimmrian #14 comic and discovered that it had the first ever Joe Kubert illustrated Conan story in it.  Joe is one of the most awesome fantasy artists of our time, and to have him do a Conan story, although actually his story was about Conan’s tough old mother and a Cimmerian boy named Kulin, was just a treat for an old fantasy fan like me.   

Those are just a few of the really cool things that have happened to me this week.  There are others that are too private to talk about.  There are some that are too mundane to mention, like that fabulous egg burrito I had for breakfast this mornng. 

You know, the saying is “Shit happens!”, and it does.  There are plenty of bad things going on in the world, including the fact that my body just flat out hurts all the time, but you know what, I don’t care.  Don’t drag me down, folks.  Cool things happen all the time! 

If something genuinely cool has happened to you recently, why don’t you  mention it in a comment down below?  I’d love to celebrate it with you.


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  1. A Tarzan record for a buck! See it on MY blog.

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