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I am not a camera person.  I should take pictures to spice up this blog.  I have a digital camera.  I could do it.  The blog would be better with a few pictures in it.  I know all that.  I’m still not going to do it.

Does that say something about me?  Yes, probably several things.  I”m lazy, but we knew that.  I don’t care about public opinion.  And, I’m perfectly capable of doing the wrong thing, and/or taking the easy way out.  Character flaws? Undoubtedly.  I just wanted you all to know that I’m  aware of my anti-social tendencies and character flaws.

But enough self-examination.  Today, September 16, 2009, is a joyous occasion, and I’m here to share that joy with you.  Today I had my last treatment for prostate cancer.  I”m done.  I’m cured.  Or at least as cured as modern medical science can make me.  The Good Samaritan Oncology Department gave me a diploma to prove it.

[Insert picture I’m not going to take here]



It’s printed on flimsy paper, the kind that really needs to be framed behind glass to look best.  It says:

Certificate of Graduation


The Department of Radiation Oncology

Presented to:

Kenneth St Andre

Congratulations!  This certifies that you have satisfied

the requirements of your treatments,


Tolerating Cold Hands

A Hard Table

and Holding Still.

In recognition of having met these requirements of the Radiation

Oncology department, we wish you a swift recovery from the


Take care and we will miss you!


The certificate came tied with a blue ribbon and part of a gift package including a fancy bag with handles, a gift in a box, a tiny tube of Aquaphor skin lotion and a coupon for a dollar off if I want to buy more of this fine unguent.  There was also the Fall 2009 issue of CARING4CANCER magazine which I don’t intend to read.  The gift in the box turned out to be a figurine of a boy (estimated age 5) with a sad-looking gray bunny seated on his knee and being cuddled a bit.  [Insert 2nd picture I’m not going to take here.] Cathy said the bunny looks like it has indigestion. (grin) This is obviously a metaphorical representation of Compassion.  (The bunny looks more resigned than comforted, but perhaps I’m projecting my own emotions here.)

And I rang the bell.  The oncology department has a bronze bell hanging in the main office that cancer survivors get to ring at the end of their treatment.  You may believe I rang it fairly loud and long.

There were some other cancer patients sitting in the office waiting for their treatments.  One of them looked like he was on Death’s doorstep.  Poor guy! I’m walking away free with presents in my hands and a spring in my step, and he’s sitting there in a wheelchair waiting.  Another message from the universe–there but for fortune go I.  Otherwise known as Count Your Blessings.  I do count.  Believe me, I do.

It was a fairly small graduation party,  I had Alicia, Rex, Jennie, and Marla walked in at the last moment.  Goes to show–I’m not all that important–everybody else was busy elsewhere.

And so, I’m done, I’m cured, hooray!  Life goes on.

I have some odd beliefs.  I believe that God didn’t make the universe–God is the universe.  I believe that the universe sends you messages if you’re just perceptive enough to understand them.   Halfway through the treatment, Alicia turned on the CD player so I could have my daily dose of rock and roll.  The first song played was “It Seems Like A Very Long Time”.  Yes, the last three months have seemed like a very long time.  But it hasn’t been so bad.  The next song was “Easier Said Than Done” but the important line is “Tell him he’s the one!)”  So the universe was telling me I”m the one, and that it seems like a very long time.  Well, I’m glad to know that I’m the one, and I do hope I have a long time left.

You’re the One, too.  We’re all the One!  Never doubt it!

And that concludes this adventure in medicine.  I now return to my regular life.


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10 responses to “Graduation Day

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  1. > hugs <
    Hwre's to a healthy and happier KStA! 😀

  2. I am so happy for u! What a wonderful day! I hope u go out and celebrate! I am sending live and hugs and a chocolate cake!

  3. I had somehow missed the fact that this was happening to you, and I’m so sorry that it did. Very glad though that the oncologists will miss you instead of us missing you — we already have too many folks on the “Missing You” list. Congratulations on making it back to health and may all the years to come be happy ones for you!

  4. And doesn’t regular life seem so much nicer now?

  5. Yay for treatment graduation Ken! I’m so glad to hear that you’re certified cancer free!

  6. great news!
    *ding ding ding*

  7. That’s great news, Ken!

    So now you should have the energy and time to write a fantasy epic for 50-year olds (like me), unlike those other writers who are writing fantasy epics for 12-year olds…

  8. Great news Ken!

    I’m very glad to hear it.

    Mike’s suggestion is an interesting one.

  9. You are the one, Ken!

  10. Mike’s suggestion is a very interesting one. Since he made it I’ve been trying to figure out what a 50 year old would appreciate in a fantasy epic. I think a mature person might like to see more in the way of:
    1. momentous events–the feel that history is being made,
    2. both sides of the story–see how all the factions are competing for victory
    3. well developed personalities
    4. some true invention–not just another imitation earth.

    I’ve been trying to think of authors who succeed in doing this. I’ve come up with Glen Cook, George R. R. Martin, and Edgar Rice Burroughs. ERB never wrote heroic fantasy as such, but Tarzan wanders into some pretty weird places including Pellucidar.

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