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The alarm came on this morning and startled me so much that I fell out of my car, and also fell out of that reality.  That was a good thing, actually, as that dream was getting weirder and weirder.

Let’s talk about dreams as a form of entertainment.  Real dreams, at least my dreams, aren’t much like dreams described in novels or shown in movies.  They are usually not sequential, and they seldom make much sense, especially after I wake up.     However, I regard them as entertainment and frequently take delight in some of the things that happen to me .

Do you ever dream about knowing things instead of experiencing them?  Last night’s dream was one of those.  It may have been a continued dream from earlier in the evening, or earlier in the week?  Does it ever seem to you that you’re repeating the same dreams night after night?  That’s another thing that happens to me.  I dream that I’m dreaming the same dream I dreamed three days ago.

Last night I dreamed that my son and I were attending a science fiction convention in Scottsdale, Arizona.  I have attended plenty of sci fi conventions there in the past.  I knew it was Scottsdale even through it looked more like West Phoenix.  I was staying in a luxury hotel, which I only saw from the outside in my dream, but it was not the convention hotel, so I had to drive back and forth.  Most of my time I was driving my car, wondering what was going on at the convention.  At one point my son and I were driving downtown on Camelback Road–in fact, I was always on Camelback Road in my dream–a thing I just knew–and I went blind.  Everything just went dark and i couldn’t see beyond the windshield of the car–I could see inside it, but not outside it.  Somehow, I didn’t crash.  I slowed the car gradually and stopped, opened my car door, and looked out, and the world came back.  Everyone else had apparently slowed and stopped too.  This was a worrying dream, because my son was in the seat beside me riding shotgun when it happened.  I don’t want to kill or injure my son in a car crash.

Just before I woke up I was alone, and driving west on Camelback Road, approaching Scottsdale Road, and I couldn’t slow down, and the light rail train was on the tracks right in front of me.  A crash was inevitable, but the alarm went off, I woke up, and didn’t crash.  I’m always glad to wake up before the crash.  It all felt almost real–I didn’t know I was dreaming until the alarm woke me up.  The odd thing is the light rail doesn’t run north and south along Scottsdale Road, and I knew that too, but there it was.

I just wish my dreams would be more like movies, and more controllable.  I want to go to Middle Earth in my dreams, not to alternate Scottsdale.


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  1. mine usually stick to mundane territories – unless I ate something particularly strange the night before.

  2. On a Freudian level, I’d say it’s about your feelings towards James’s growth into adulthood. You know the trains, and the sudden blindness. When I suffered from PTSD, I had to take control of my dreaming in the syndrome’s later stages. I learned a lot about the subconscious, mostly by listening to hacks and whackos as well as 20 minutes of psychiatric counseling leaving the military.

    As for controlling your dreams, I started to with just wanting to do so. I used to have a dream of falling, I turned the stomach turns into flying. When a dream goes into “clinker” mode, which means it becomes about struggling with minutia and not getting to what I was about to do in the dream, I have to remind myself that it is not fun. When a dream turns into a bad dream, I wake myself up and try to discern what is making me uneasy or upset in the real world. And avoid the over “Televisionizing” of your dreaming, it gets boring real quick. For a week or so you’ll wake up wanting to write this or that down, and then realize that you have already written the bit before. When in a totally mundane dreamscape look for what shouldn’t be there, explore a little.

    I’m not any sort of master, my dreams aren’t cartoons nor Ghostly-Goings experiences, but I no longer have dreams where my legs and arms are paralyzed and stumble upon some beautiful locales.

  3. If I become aware I’m dreaming, I wake up. Or if I even start to think things are somehow not right. If my brain starts to kick in on almost any level, it wakes me up.

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