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Hooray for the half-price table at Samurai Comics!

Labor Day afternoon my son and I escaped the house and drove off to the comic book stores of Central Phoenix.  There are two, and they are both excellent–everything that a comic book store should be in this day and age.  I expected a big Labor Day sale at All About Books and Comics on Central, but was disappointed.  So we went off to Samurai a mile away.  The joint was deserted.   Mike, the owner was puttering around cleaning the place up.

Samurai is where James and I usually buy our Magic(tm) cards.  Do you know about Magic?  Not only is it the world’s best collectible dueling card game, but it also has the world’s greatest collection of fantasy art.  Each card is beautifully illustrated, showing either the creature or the effects of the spell.  Most of the finest fantasy artists of the country have worked for Wizards of the Coast at one time or another.  Every style of art can be found on the Magic cards.  Much of it is extremely imaginative and beautiful.  I sometimes think I buy new cards just to see the art.  It is certainly a delight to rip open a pack of cards and scan through it to see what you got.

Magic has a new gimmick–planar combat.  For $20 you get a 60 card deck, 10 lovely plane cards, and a planar die.  The decks are among the stronger decks that Wizards have offered.  There are 50 different planes, each of which has a different effect on play.  Magic can have any number of players greater than one, but this is a style of play designed especially for 3 or more players.  We bought decks.  My son got the dreaded zombie deck–it looked like a real killer to me, and I got the artifact deck.  When we went over to visit James’ best friend Harley and try this new variation out, the zombies proved unbeatable that afternoon.  Having the planes involved did change the style of play a bit and make it even more enjoyble than usual.  I’m going out on a limb here, and predicting that the planar expansion sets will be a big  hit for Wizards of the Coast.

Samurai Comics has a half price table.  Last time I checked it out, I bought Magician: Apprentice graphic novel by Ray Feist.  Ray’s book is perhaps the best 20th century fantasy written primarily about a wizard.  The graphic novel adaptation was somewhat hobbled by mediocre and inconstant art.  But I already talked about that. 

Last week’s find was anime.  They had several boxed sets on sale.  Three of  them were sets of Ranma 1/2 by Takahashi.  I used to watch a lot of Ranma (and anime in general) with my daughter Jillian, but that was more than 10 years ago.  Ranma. was fun  The characters were entertaining and likeable; the situations were wacky in the extreme.  I especially loved the full-length Ranma movies that left the ordinary world behind and went off to exotic fantasy islands and such.  To purchase 5 Ranma dvds, each with 6 half hour episodes on it for just $6 apiece would have been a fine deal, but to get them at half price, or $3 each, was more  than I could resist.  Thus, I wound up spending an extra $15 on season 5 set of Ranma.

I watched the first dvd of the set that night–by myself.  Wife wasn’t interested, and son was on the computer.  Maybe I’ll watch the second disk tonight.  There is no D-backs baseball game on tv tonight, and son will still want the computer.  In my opinion, the best episode was the one in which Ryoga was possessed by a ghost-cat who then proposes to Akane.  The giant ghost-cat was delightful, and supernatural.

If you are a Ranma fan, you know what a great deal I got, and how much fun I’m having watching all these new (to me) episodes of the indomitable Ranma, the sweet Akane, the vile Master, the  noble Genma (ha, I just threw that in to see if you were paying attention!).  And if you’re not a Ranma fan, then  you’re simply missing out on some of the best storytelling and animation in our time.


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  1. The Ranmas were definitely a good deal.

  2. Meh. Magic is not a game, it’s a drug. And you wont even see funny things or sprout funny nonsense. Meh!

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