One of Those Days   7 comments

Today’s entertainment will consist of:

       1. getting a headache from paint fumes

       2.  struggling with a whole set of new computers being installed.

        3.  coping with bugs in Runescape’s new upgraded game engine.

        4.  making peace between angry wife and surly son.

         5.  a long day at work.

Taking these things by the numbers, city maintenance is repainting all the doorways here in the Century branch library.  Scraping off the old paint, applying new paint.  Theoretically, that shoud be a good thing, except it makes my little office smell like turpentine.  I smelled it when I walked in the back door.  I’m gonna smell it for days.  It gives me a headache.

The computer room has decided it’s our turn for a computer upgrade.  Tom and Erika are doing the work.  The first thing I found was a catalog computer with no keyboard.  Guess who will probably wind up hooking that up.  This will probably go smoothlly and be an improvement for everyone.  Except, these upgrades never go smoothly.

My favorite online game is Runescape.  The price to play it is very low.  The graphics are very good if not quite World of Warcraft level.  I have many friends online there.  Jagex, the company that produces Runescape, has decided to upgrade the game engine–to make things simpler.  Well, the graphics are a bit nicer, but it requires more resources–older computers now lag when trying to run the game, and sometimes freeze up entirely.  Having the game freeze at a crucial point is a good way to get killed.  The game keeps running even if you’re not giving it any input because you can’t.  I wasn’t in a combat situation this morning, but the game has already hurt me repeatedly by not accepting the input I’m giving, freezing, going backwards.  Looks like I’m very careful with Runescape for a while.

Wife is mad at me, and who can blame her?  My son has committed an open act of rebellion.  He spent yesterday afternoon with a new girlfriend, but he refuses to tell his parents about it.  He didn’t make adequate plans to get home before dark.  This is seen as rank ingratitude and rebellion by wife Cathy who has done everything she could to make his first experiences with college life pleasant and successful.  Even though she insisted on doing everything, from getting him registered to providing transportation to and from school, she is now mad at me for not doing some of that work.  Guess what?  I’ve been working at my real job, and getting prostate cancer treatments every weekday.  Of course, this can all be blamed on the fact that I raised him wrong–turning him into a gamer instead of a studier, so she’s furious with him and her hatred for me grows again.  That always makes life on the home front pleasant. 

And, it’s a work day.  Wednesday is one of the busiest days of the week.  And the fumes in the building are already making me sick to my stomach.  Got reprimanded yesterday for not taking stronger action against a patron who was caught viewing pornography on a library computer. 

And the Diamondbacks lost last night.  My favorite player, Mark Reynolds, was a complete washout, striking out 3 times, once with the bases loaded in the first inning.  D-backs had a nice 5 game run, but look like they’ve gone back to being lousy again.

Oh yes!  It’s definitely going to be one of those days!  Today’s entertainment is strictly for masochists.  Luckily, that does include me.


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7 responses to “One of Those Days

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  1. A guy and I back in Germany had a running joke when we became the last two “old guys” at the family health clinic that we worked at. The image was of us waking up in different towns, wrapping our pillows around our heads, then simultaneously yelling, “Dammit! I’m still me!”

    I did some of my best Rjinn work during those long months.

  2. I firmly believe all kids should immediately leave home at age 18. I did. Let survival of the fitest take its course.

  3. Yeowch!

    Hang in there.

    A college student needs to be home before dark?

  4. Little Corey’s got a girlfriend? Wait, he’s going to COLLEGE? Is he even old enough to go to school? Egads, I’m getting old.

  5. ‘Surly son’?
    I didn’t know the trollgod created people as well as games.
    Huzzah for the trollgod!

  6. Well…look at the bright side, Ken. We used to have to pay good money to get the effects that you’re getting as a ‘benefit’ of work!

  7. Hang in there. Tell Mrs. Trollgod it could be worse, he could be dressing up as a stormtrooper and touring the country doing parades. Dragon Con this weekend!

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