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If you go way back to my first blog in this series, you will see that one of the books I said I was reading was: One Day on Mars by Travis S. Taylor.  I finished it this morning.  This 2007  Baen paperback makes your average Honor Harrington space opera look like a calm ride in a rowboat as far as space battles go.  The book covers an 11 hour stretch in the greatest space battle in solar system history.  420 pages of nonstop action.  I would say Travis does an excellent job of projecting future trends and technology.  He  writes vivid and hectic combat.  Did I like the book?  Not much.  But I finished it, and I respect it for the astounding amount of detail and action compressed into the story.  Taylor is a skilled author, but based on what I read, and on what I like out of a novel, I would never pick up another book by Travis Taylor unless there was no other science fiction in the room with me.  I don’t like his characters.  I wouldn’t like them if I met them in the real world.  Says more about me than about him probably, but there you have it.  A not recommended for thoughtful people on that one.

Now starting: Hissing, a modern Korean manga by Kang Eun Young.  I have the first 3 volumes.  Korean manga seems to differ from Japanese manga by reading left to right, instead of right to left.  They don’t slip into super-deformed mode nearly as often.  I don’t see any at all in this series.  The layout is more jagged and broken than is usual for Japanese manga, and there seems to be more of an American influence to stories and style.  I’ll tell you all more about this manga when I get into it.

Also starting today: Green Arrow and Black Canary: A League of Their Own.  Now here’s a comic that doesn’t seem to have succumbed to over-the-top syndrome.  Green Arrow has an interesting life, but he’s not out saving the world, the galaxy, and the universe every few issues.  His problems are more personal.  He’s a married man and a father.  There has been a lot of that going around in D.C. comics the last few years.  Being an old married man and father myself, I guess that’s ok, but I have to admit, I liked the old Oliver Queen, playboy and inconstant lover, a lot better.  Bruce Wayne was also a love-em and leave-em kind of guy in the old days.  Now that everybody is settling down and being responsible, it’s enough to make a guy switch to Marvel. (heh!  not really)

And for my final entertainment report today, I’m happy to say that I watched The Arizona Diamondbacks beat the Los Angeles Dodgers last night.  That makes 5 games in a row that they’ve won.  In another month, the Dodgers will be going to the playoffs, and the D-backs will be going on vacation, but for just a moment it’s as if the D-backs are a good team.  I keep having these impossible fantasies of the D-backs winning out for the rest of the season and winding up in the playoffs anyway, but that’s impossible.  Still, if you like sports at all, it is always good to see one’s home team victorious.  I’d really like to see them get to 8 in a row by continuing to beat the dodgers for the rest of the series.  Another game starts tonight at 7.  Go D-backs! Rah!  Rah! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!  Being a sports fan is silly.


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  1. Did you read the storyline with Elongated Man’s wife getting murdered?

  2. I’ve read “One Day on Mars”, and I copy-edited the two sequels (“Tau Ceti Agenda” and the forthcoming “One Good Soldier”). I count Travis as a good friend, and I wouldn’t call this one one of his best.

    If you ever do want to try again…I’d recommend “Warp Speed.” That remains my favorite among his, other than some of his co-authored books.

    I’ve got two kinds of books, fun books and serious books. These are “fun books,” good for entertainment. For thoughtful books, I go elsewhere. A steady diet of the same thing is no good, I vary my reading.

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