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Hooray for Baen!  They sent me another month’s worth of publishing.  Received in the mail today:

            Patiots by David Drake.  PB.  Space opera.

            The Last Centurion by John Ringo.  PB. Apocalypse America.

            Very Hard Choices by Spider Robinson.  PB.  Near future cop story.

            Exile—And Glory by Jerry Pournelle.  PB.  Reprints two seventies near future space novels by Jerry Pournelle.


            The Stoneholding by James G. Anderson & Mark Sebanc.  TPB. Never heard of these guys.  Looks like your standard high fantasy epic—the land is in danger, yada yada.  I like fantasy.  I might read it if I run out of other stuff to read. 

            Fledgling by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller  HB.  A new Liaden universe novel.  The 11th novel in this series by Lee & Miller.  This sci-fi series has never really taken off, but is just successful enough to keep getting published.  Lee & Miller, wife and husband, are to be commended for never giving up.

            The Serrano Succession by Elizabeth Moon.  TPB.  Reprint of Change of Command and Against the Odds in one trade paper.  More of Moon’s feminist space opera.

 It’s great that Baen still sends me these books, but I doubt if I’ll read any of them.

 Finished today:  two graphic novels:

             Chaos by Ted Dekker—uninspired fantasy of medieval warriors in near future America.  Not a new idea in the whole series.

 Nightschool: the Weirn Books by Svetlana Chmakova.  American manga published by Yen Press.  Seems to be a cross between Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hogwarts, and the Twilight Books by Stephanie Meyer.  Vampires and other creatures of darkness all around.  A child with great but sinister powers.  Hidden evils hiding in the modern world.  Pointy chins, big eyes, super-deformed art wherever the artist ran out of space or was in a hurry to zing the reader with a weak one-liner.  Almost 200 pages of slightly humorous vampire chills and thrills.  It was ok, but not going into my elite bookcase of really good stuff.

 And there you have it, a week without much entertainment excitement.  Well, you can’t have everything you read be great.

 Worth mentioning, Warehouse 13 had an entertaining episode that doesn’t hold up to any form of critical thinking.  A psychotic Alice Liddell trapped in Lewis Carroll’s mirror gets free in Mica’s body.  It would take too long to explain why the episode doesn’t really work, but it did offer some nice eye candy along the way.


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  1. Nightschool sounds like another strip designed to make me miss Astroboy. (Heavy sigh) I wish artists would get past the manga trip. Most people can’t do it well, and oh, geez, there isn’t enough time in the world for me to go into why its usually bad.
    Anything by Ted Dekker gets an automatic ‘no’ vote from me. I’ve read enough religion-heavy bad fiction to last me the next twelve lifetimes, even with a pogo-cane to bounce through it on.

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