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Welcome to the first installment of Atroll’s Entertainment.  I have felt for some time that I really ought to have a regular blog–it has been nagging at me that I only find things to say once every couple of months.  In desperation, I came up with the idea of chronicling what I am doing for entertainment in my life.

My life is dull.  Entertainment for me is gaming, reading, some television, the occasional movie, running Trollhalla (that comes under the heading of gaming, really), sci-fi and gaming conventions (more gaming), and self-aggrandizement on the internet. (Twitter, this blog, various other things–search for me–I love to pop up in strange places.)

Let’s start this blog off with something at least a little bit interesting.  Last night I went to a party, hosted by Samurai Comics in honor of Marvel’s 70th anniversary.  Corencio, son of the Trollgod, came along with me.  Samurai Comics on north 7th Avenue in Phoenix hosted the event.  They brought in free pizza, chicken wings, and a cake.  The cake was decorated with a Happy Meal toy of Wolverine on the wolvercycle.  I said that’s what I wanted, and they gave it to me.  Of course the event was just to get customers into the store to buy Marvel stuff–it was all half off.  I bought the first two issues of Deadpool, Merc with a mouth (but haven’t had a chance to even open them yet).  For buying stuff they also gave us freebies.  (I haven’t looked at any of that yet either.)

Not very many people came to the party.  I saw one guy spend $75 and he got a ton of stuff, but most people didn’t spend much.  I spent $5 and change.  And I got pizza, wings, and cake.  And I played two games of Magic ™ with my son–used one of his decks instead of my own.  Won one, lost one.  I don’t really care whether I win or lose when I’m gaming.  The fun is in the game.  That doesn’t keep me from doing the best I can to win–if you beat me in a game, you’ve done well.

We got home before 10:30.  I went to bed.  Sleeping is also prime entertainment.  I’ll record the dreams I remember here also.  Usually don’t remember dreams.

One thing could make this blog more interesting, I think.  Anyone who reads it can ask questions, and I’ll try to answer them.  Ask philosophical questions, and you’ll probably get whole new philosophical blogs out of it.


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  1. Hi Ken,

    Thanks for the blog.
    Loved T&T and the solo adventures. Always thought it was much more fun than D&D. I really liked the Monster Rating concept; the monster can’t hit back as hard the more damage it takes; I don’t think any other RPG of the time actually simulated this.
    I was just wondering if you ever met Gary Gygax?

  2. Oddly enough, I never actually met Gygax. We passed each other in conventions sometimes, close enough to touch. I recognized him, but never actually had anything to say to him. I don’t know if he recognized me or not. He never spoke. In a sense, we were like each other’s nemesis. We liked the same stuff, but how we liked it was completely different. Never seemed to be any reason to actually get to know him. In my case he made a better enemy than friend. In his case, I’m too insignificant to bother with.

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